Mans Concept comes from DEMANS, one of the surnames -with a German background- of the creative director. Shortened to 'Mans', it means searching for a new, updated and more personal tailoring.

Mans is a prêt-à-porter brand and a made-to-measure tailoring studio, influenced as much for the Saville Row's workshops as the Japanese technique. Both will be present in all of his fashion collections, mixing this ancient profession with an avant-garde aesthetic, clean cutting patterns and innovative tissues.

Mans Concept offers new masculinity approaches. Classic references and youth cultures merge together, creating balance in a constant play of opposite elements.

The aim is to offer a complete wardrobe with versatile, basic garments of highest quality and a progressive design, focus on confident people.

Jaime Álvarez was born in La Luisiana (Sevilla) 24 years ago and finished his fashion studies at the Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED Madrid) in 2017. From an early age he is interested in different artistic expressions that finally lead to fashion, a way to tell stories, experiences and their own universe.

Since he had use of reason, was devoted to women's fashion and so his designs. Little by little, discovered the male world and decided to contribute to this part of the undeveloped fashion.

While studying  fashion design at IED Madrid, he had the opportunity to know the trade of tailoring in which he specialises by the hand of the renowned Yusty Madrid.